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Why You Need a Digital Slow Cooker

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Technology has made working in the kitchen a breeze, but there are a few devices some cooks have yet to upgrade. If you're still using an analog slow cooker, it's time to step into the modern age.

The Crock-Pot® 6-Quart Slow Cooker with Stovetop-Safe Cooking Pot and other digital slow cookers like it are so much more than appliances with electric timers and buttons. They look sleek, are easy to operate and simplify the entire cooking process. Here's how.

Cook Meals to Perfection Without Staying Near the Kitchen
Slow cooking is already a pretty simple deal. Most recipes call for loading up your ingredients and cooking for several hours at one temperature. However, the process can get a little tricky if you need to change those settings. Some recipes require two or three hours of cooking on high and then a slow simmer on low to draw out all those subtle savory flavors. 

When you're working with an analog slow cooker, that means waiting around the kitchen to switch the dial yourself at the right time. That's not the case if you go digital. Set your cooking time intervals beforehand, and you can leave the kitchen to go run errands or relax in the meantime - your meal will cook itself. Your slow cooker will switch from low to high when scheduled and even switch to a lower warm setting once the time is up. It's perfect for any cook that does a lot of multi-tasking. 

Digital slow cookers can be programmed to change heat settings by themselves.Digital slow cookers can be programmed to change heat settings by themselves.

The timer can be used for any recipe under 20 hours and can switch settings at any 30-minute interval. How's that for convenience?

Touchscreens, Dials and Everything Else Needed for a Modern Kitchen
The newest appliances today are outfitted with the latest tech features out there. From your refrigerator to the microwave, kitchen devices are getting touchscreens, WiFi and more. Much of these tools make things easier in the kitchen. Much like the touchscreen on most cutting edge smartphones, digital interfaces are simply easier to interact with, whether your recipe calls for very specific cooking setting or not.

Others provide that convenience and look great doing it. If you take the aesthetics of your appliances seriously while shopping, digital devices are the way to go. They fit in with all of the other modern tools in the kitchen, and that may impress your guests just as much as those delicious meals you prepare.



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