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"The slow cooker goes digital"

"This iconic home appliance is finally joining the
internet of Things"

~ Alyssa Bereznak
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"Let the internet help with dinner"

"You shouldn’t have to structure your life around being around to change the setting on your slow cooker"

~ Andrew Tarnatola
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"Crock-Pot© WeMo® Smart Slow Cooker can give you the on-the-go access you crave."

~ Megan Wollerton
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"Smart Gadgets That Will Transform Your Home"

~ Noah Rayman

How it works

Prepare your ingredients, then program your cook settings. Simply choose your temperature and cook time, and you're done!

Want to know how dinner is coming along? Check status of your meal to find out how much time is left, cooking temperature, or even turn it off.

Running late? Simply adjust the cooking time or temp to fit your schedule. Then enjoy your slow-cooked meal when you're ready.

Let everyone at home know dinner is served, even if you're not there! Get notifications when cooking is complete or the unit turns off.

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To see how easy it is to download the WeMo® App

Watch Now

To see how easy it is to use the WeMo® App

Easy to use, easy to install

To begin cooking, you'll need...

Your smart device and Wi-Fi® Router
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Easy to use, easy to install

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Two Brand Leaders

Crock-Pot®, the original slow cooker brand and Belkin, the innovator of WeMo®, bring you a
state-of-the- art slow cooker that's designed to provide remote access to your home appliances.

Two brand leaders
Your home at your fingertips