This Moroccan chicken dish is filled with hearty flavor.

Moroccan Rice Pudding


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This Moroccan chicken dish is filled with hearty flavor.

Sweet and savory and not quite as indulgent as the classic chocolate cake or lemon pie dessert, this savory rice pudding is a Moroccan dish enjoyed at any time of day. Use your Crock-Pot® 4-Slow Cooker to easily make this into a tasty dessert in no time at all. Top with cinnamon or nutmeg and toasted nuts for added flavor.


• 1 cup short grain white rice, such as Arborio
• 2 cups water
• 1/2 teaspoon salt
• 3 tablespoons butter
• 3 1/2 cups milk
• 2/3 cup sugar
• 1 or 2 small pieces (2- to 3-inch) of cinnamon stick
• 2 to 3 teaspoons orange flower water (optional)
• Ground cinnamon or nutmeg, for garnish
• Toasted almonds or walnuts, for garnish


Add white rice, water, salt, butter, milk, sugar, cinnamon stick pieces and orange flower water to your 4-quart slow cooker.
Stir well.
Cover and cook on high for 2 1/2 hours or on low for 4 hours.
Mix well before serving in bowls.
Top with sprinkled cinnamon or nutmeg, toasted almonds or walnuts, and any other topping of your choice.


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