Honey-Glazed Ham - 10 Qt


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Prep Time
10 Minutes
Cook Time
20 Minutes


• ½ cup packed brown sugar
• ⅓ cup honey
• ¼ cup Dijon mustard
• ¼ cup orange juice
• ⅛ teaspoon ground cloves
• 1 (7- to 8-pound) spiral-sliced smoked ham
• 1½ cups water


1. Combine brown sugar, honey, mustard, orange juice and cloves in 2-cup glass measuring cup; stir to blend. Place ham in large rimmed baking dish; pour about half of glaze mixture all over ham, gently separating slices to allow glaze to get in between slices as much as possible. Place rack in Cooking Pot; add water. Prepare foil handles.*
2. Place ham directly on foil handles; lower ham into Cooking Pot using foil handles. Pour any glaze remaining in baking dish over top of ham. Secure lid. Press MEAT/POULTRY, set pressure to HIGH and time to 15 minutes. Make sure Steam Release Valve is in “Seal” (closed) position. Press START/STOP. 
3. Meanwhile, heat remaining glaze to a simmer in microwave (or in small saucepan on stovetop); set aside to cool slightly and thicken.
4. Once cooking is complete, natural release pressure 5 minutes. Release remaining pressure. Remove ham from Cooking Pot using foil handles. Pour thickened glaze over ham.

*Tear off three 18X2-inch strips of heavy-duty foil. Crisscross the strips so they resemble the spokes of a wheel. Place the dish in the center of the strips. Pull the strips up and over the dish. Leave the strips in during cooking so you can easily lift the item out again when it’s ready.


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