Pulled Spicy Beef

Duluth, GA, USA

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Prep Time
Cook Time
8 Hour (s)

Shredded spicy beef for use in tacos, rolls for sandwiches or casseroles!


1 London Broil, 2 cans of Rotel (spiciness depending on your family), salt & pepper to taste


Poke the London Broil on both sides all over with a fork to tenderize and allow the juice of the Rotel inside. Pour 1 can of Rotel in bottom of Pam sprayed crockpot, lay in London Broil, and pour other can of Rotel on top. Cook all day. About an hour before serving or using, shred with two forks in crockpot, mix all together to flavor better, and cook one more hour. Can be used on tacos, on rolls or in casseroles. My family loves this! Can also be cooked ahead and frozen in serving sizes very easily. Great go to for during the week, pull cooked, stored out of freezer in the morning and put in frig., then heat up at night for tacos! Enjoy!


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