Green Apple, Quince and Cardamom Jelly

Green Apple, Quince and Cardamom Jelly


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Green Apple, Quince and Cardamom Jelly
2 to 4
Prep Time
10 Minutes
Cook Time

Time on High: 4-6 High Time on Low: 8-10 Hours


32 Ounces Granny Smith apples
32 Ounces quince
1/3 Ounce green cardamom
1/2 Gallon water
80 Ounces jam sugar

Jelly is great over toast or with waffles at breakfast!


Wash the fruit, cut them in two in one direction, then in four in the other direction; cook with water in the Crock-Pot® slow cooker for 8 hours on Low. Add the cardamom for the last half-hour.
Strain in a clean, dry cloth to extract as much juice as possible from the remaining pulp.
Put the juice back in the ceramic container with the sugar; boil around a half-hour over a gas burner. Let cool overnight. Your jelly will be more or less consistent depending on the quality of the fruit and how you reduce the juice.


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Such A Good meal

Such A Good meal

Chris Catto
Boca, fl