Crock-Pot® 6.0-Quart Slow Cooker, Programmable, Stainless Steel

Crock-Pot® 6.0-Quart Slow Cooker, Programmable, Stainless Steel


Crock-Pot SCCPVI600-S
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Crock-Pot® 6.0-Quart Slow Cooker, Programmable, Stainless Steel

Crock-Pot® 6.0-Quart Slow Cooker, Programmable, Stainless Steel

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Use just one pot to create delectable hot meals from start to finish with our Crock-Pot® slow cooker. Brown, sear and saute ingredients on your stove, then move the same pot to simmer on your slow cooker.
  • Dimensions: 15.4" x W: 15.3" x D: 9.8"
  • Cord length: 24"
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Additional Information

Two-Step Cooking - All in One Pot

Because many slow cooker recipes require a two-step process - browning/searing meat on the stovetop before slow cooking to seal in flavors - often times you end up with more than one dirty pot to scrub clean. Sear then slow-cook-sear meat for a crispy outside and juicy flavor inside. Saute onions and peppers before adding to soup. With the slow cooker's double-duty removable cooking pot, you can brown, sear, or saute ingredients directly on the stovetop before placing the pot into the slow cooker to finish cooking. No need to dirty unnecessary extra pots or pans along the way. Two steps. One pot. No problem.

The slow cooker's removable cooking pot features a DuraCeramic™ nonstick coating - which prevents food from sticking - helping to ensure effortless food release and quick clean-up. The durable nonstick coating is also scratch-resistant for long-lasting, high-quality performance, as well as PTFE- and PFOA-free for healthier cooking and peace of mind. The pot's oval shape fits larger roasts and cuts of meat - while its glass lid helps trap in heat and moisture, allowing for at-a-glance viewing of the cooking process. For added convenience, the pot's integrated side handles make it easy to lower and lift the pot in and out of the heating base for graceful transitions from stovetop to cooker to tabletop for serving.

Digital Control Panel with Countdown Timer

Whether searing meat first or simply cooking up a large batch of chili, the appliance's user-friendly control panel makes slow cooking a snap. To begin, press the Select button to choose between high or low temperature settings. An indicator light will show the current high or low temperature setting. Next, press the Timer arrows to scroll through the cooking time options (increments of 30 minutes, up to 20 hours). Once set, the timer will begin counting down the minutes in one-minute increments. After the set cooking-time has elapsed, the slow cooker will automatically switch over to Keep Warm mode and a Keep Warm indicator light will illuminate. Ideal for on-the-go parents and busy professionals - the slow cooker with its programmable settings allows you to spend the day cooking, even when you're not in the kitchen. The unit cooks food slowly and evenly, drawing out tantalizing flavors and filling your home with savory aromas... What could be more welcoming at the end of a long day? From Grandma's savory stew, chicken cacciatore, and barbecue pulled pork to pre-seared pot roast, sausage and meatballs, and beef bourguignon, mealtime just got more amazing.

Easy-to-Clean Design

Once cooled, the slow cooker cleans up easily. Wipe down the heating base's exterior with a damp cloth and place the glass lid in the dishwasher. Though dishwasher-safe, washing the slow cooker's removable cooking pot by hand is recommended to preserve its ceramic coating.

Timeless Tradition

A useful addition to any busy kitchen, a thoughtful wedding or housewarming gift - this slow cooker combines the convenience of modern-day technology and innovative design with the nostalgic sense of home-cooked meals enjoyed around the dining-room table with family and friends. Attractively housed in brushed stainless steel, this Crock-Pot® 6-quart slow cooker looks just as good on the kitchen counter as it does on an elegant buffet when entertaining. The Crock-Pot® brand has even provided recipes to help get you started.

  • 6-Quart capacity; feeds 7+ people
  • Programmable, digital control with 20-hour countdown timer
  • Shifts to warm setting automatically
  • Brushed stainless-steel finish
  • Recipes included with Instruction Manual
Crock-Pot® 6.0-Quart Slow Cooker, Programmable, Stainless Steel is rated 3.9 out of 5 by 145.
Rated 2 out of 5 by from Chipping of finish I received this unit as a gift. The metal liner chipped the first time I used it. Used a wooden spoon only. I called Crock Pot company and they sent a new liner (I returned the chipped one to the company). The second one chipped also. I can use the pot only with a liner. I was a loyal Crock Pot owner since 1976. This unit is disappointing.
Date published: 2018-09-01
Rated 1 out of 5 by from Terrible results I wanted a stovetop safe crock pot and I'd had several of the Crock-Pot brand over the years, so decided to get this one. It has not been a good experience. I find it very hard to clean, forget putting it in the dishwasher, despite being "non-stick," and it retains the odor of the first food I cooked in it. I've tried everything to get rid of the odor of barbequed pulled pork. I'm now looking for another brand, I'm tired of fighting with this one. Very unsatisfactory. I would not recommend it.
Date published: 2018-07-15
Rated 2 out of 5 by from Dura-ceramic finish is flaking off I have had this 6 qt. brown & sear model for several years but have only used it a few times. The dura-ceramic finish is not holding up and is flaking off. I am afraid that it is getting mixed in with the food. I believe it is due to cooking meats that contain bones such as pork ribs, short ribs or oxtails. The bones are probably rubbing on the surface causing the finish to come off. I just ordered a replacement crock but am thinking that the same thing will happen again unless I use the crock liners but that defeats the purpose of being able to brown & sear in one pot. Maybe I will cancel the replacement crock and order a completely different unit that has a ceramic crock instead, since it is on sale for almost the same price as the replacement crock would cost.
Date published: 2018-07-06
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Once again disappointed in a slow cooker! I grew up with my mom using crock pots, and myself. They were the kind with a separate base that could be used as a grill. I loved them and only gave them up when the bases quit working. The had n manual knobs from 1 to 5. Since then I have had no luck finding a descent slow cooker. Either the metal ones lose all the nonstick coating or the earthenware one just don't cook. Something they have in common tho is the lack of control of temperature. This one so far is the worst. Even tho I tested the temperature multiple times, per company advise, for accuracy, I still cannot use the keep warm setting. It burns the food. It should not be cooking at this setting as hot as the high setting. So, while I love the fact that the pot can be used on the stovetop for Browning beef, I cannot set and leave the food or cook on its own, nor put on keep warm to hold food for any length of time. Please bring back the old fashioned type of slow cookers, I don't think I will be buying another anytime soon.
Date published: 2018-06-19
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Overall very pleased! Seems to do the job! Easy clean up! Like the set hammer!
Date published: 2018-06-14
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Very lightweight I broke my old 6 quart oval crockpot that I loved. I considered one with more options but opted for one more like the old one that I can brown on stove. I was blown away by the weight of tge new one. I absolutely love it and the timer options.
Date published: 2018-04-12
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Tried and true Great tool for my wife’s wonderful food and delicious aroma. They need to make cologne that scents of crock pot cooking
Date published: 2018-02-23
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Stop-top Safe Crock This is a great idea. Have only one negative comment. When using the keep warm setting, the food get as little too hot to the boiling point. I have to keep turning the unit off and on and off and on to maintain a good keep warm temperature.
Date published: 2018-02-15
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Not the Quality of Old I bought this a at the beggining of January and was disappointed when it came in. I have loved the Crock Pot brand forever; however,the lid handle is too flimsy. The crock pot cooks great but I would rather they keep the same quality and raise prices.
Date published: 2018-01-31
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Love the browning feature It just arrived in great condition but we haven’t had an opportunity to use it yet but look forward to doing so
Date published: 2018-01-22
Rated 1 out of 5 by from Total disappointment for me and my son! I bought the 5 in 1 multicooker on Thanksgiving due to a big sale. What arrived was a totally different crockpot!!! I called and the service rep was not helpful!!! Then it took weeks to get a return label and I'm still waiting on my refund!! I bought this for my son and I for Christmas. What a total disappointment!! I'll never order from Crockpot again. I have been buying crockpot since my first one in 1985!!!
Date published: 2018-01-05
Rated 1 out of 5 by from broken stoneware The functionality worked great, but the stoneware broke without that many uses, and the stands on the bottom didn't hold up.
Date published: 2017-12-19
Rated 3 out of 5 by from The inner finish is chipping I was reading other reviews and see that other people have the same have the same problem too. I love to cook in this pot, the ability to only dirty one dish when I have to brown something first. I only use wooden or plastic spoons so I know its not from scratching. I will continue to use this pot except I will have to get some of those liner bags so we don’t get chips of the finish in our food, so no more browning in the pot. And the 800 number as a response to this same concern on others reviews doesn’t work.
Date published: 2017-12-05
Rated 2 out of 5 by from Don't buy it unless you have a houseful of people I bought this for me and my wife, so we could have meals cook for us during the day while working. Apparently, one must fill this 2/3 to 3/4 full for it to work properly. It does say on the box 7+ people, but it doesn't say "Will not work properly unless filled". At that rate we would make one meal on Monday and eat it all week. I have not filled it, so I have no idea if it works when filled. I only know that if it is filled less than halfway, it boils forever regardless of the setting--keep warm, low, hot...doesn't matter. So just make sure you're cooking for a week or a large family.
Date published: 2017-11-21
Rated 1 out of 5 by from "FAST" Cooker! I've had this model for several years now. The first time it worked just fine, but shortly afterwards every time I'd put the food in and set it on 'low' for the recommended time and it would be BURNT. I've never burned anything in a slow cooker! At first I thought it was the recipe or something I did wrong, so I dragged out the older, smaller slow cooker and it worked as it should with the same recipe. I finally decided to check other reviews to see if anyone else had the same problem and lo and behold! I'm not the only one! I no longer use this for "SLOW" cooking, I use it for cooking things I would normally put on the stove or oven (like scalloped potatoes - done in an hour). I don't leave it unattended. Since I can't return it and would feel bad giving to some unknowing schmuck, I found a use for it. There are so many folks that have given this product a negative review all with the same issue - overheating. Crockpot, YOU NEED TO ADDRESS THIS ISSUE!
Date published: 2017-11-13
Rated 1 out of 5 by from Cooks way to hot on low! I am presently cooking a corned beef in my new 6qt cooker. The water in the bottom is boiling on the LOW setting and you cannot even touch the metal part in the back of the pot for fear of getting burnt. The settings are way to HOT! If I left this on all day their would be nothing left of the meat!
Date published: 2017-11-10
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Request an Oven Safe Top! I love the ability to brown meats on the stove top and the fact that the stoneware is oven safe. The lid is not oven safe, can Crock-pot please offer an oven safe add-on lid option? Thank you!
Date published: 2017-10-23
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Got me back to cooking again. I'm 75 and just haven't felt like cooking lately... Really enjoying using the Crock Pot and being able to brown meat without using a fry pan is great.
Date published: 2017-09-25
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Generally great, cracks from heating on stove I love my crock pot but it is advertised as great for searing food on the stove before slow cooking, yet mine started to crack from being heated on the stove. Not sure why this is a problem. Other than that, I'm a fan.
Date published: 2017-09-17
Rated 2 out of 5 by from wanted to love it I bought this a few months ago, have only used it maybe 4 times, and only once on the stove, the coating is now coming off near the lid. I have taken great care of this item and expected better from crock pot.
Date published: 2017-09-13
Rated 1 out of 5 by from Disappointed I've had my crock pot for about a year only used it twice because the finish is coming off the inside of the bowl
Date published: 2017-09-09
Rated 2 out of 5 by from Scratches easily never used any metal utensils Mine has been used maybe 8 -10 times chipped horribly.
Date published: 2017-08-13
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Stove top safe crockpot Stove top safe crockpot is the best product because you can use the insert right on top of your cooktop and you don't have to use a separate fry pan or sauce pan prior to using the crockpot. It's the best solution for slow cooking. I am very happy with this product.
Date published: 2017-08-11
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Love! I love browning meat and cooking in same pot! Great cooker!
Date published: 2017-07-18
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Easy to clean I have used this several times, clean up so easy, I needed a new crock pot and I chose this particular one because of being able to use it on the stove top. My only small problem is not being able to use metal spoons and needs to be more dishwasher safe!!! Cooks wonderful
Date published: 2017-04-07
Rated 1 out of 5 by from Weird Odor And Flavor I bought this particular crock pot a few months ago after it was time to get rid of my old one. Unfortunately every dish cooked in this crock pot has a very distinct odor and flavor of rubber. I have used this crock pot at least 10+ times and the only thing I can think of that is creating that odor/flavor is the lid's inner lining. I don't think I will be able to use anymore and will most like have to purchase a new one.
Date published: 2017-03-13
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Just fine for my needs I purchased this crock pot a few weeks ago. It replaces a cusinart 3in1 slow cooker. It lasted the waranty period then stopped working. I did use it constantly but was unwilling to pay that much again. I'm sure this crock pot will serve my needs, at least, I hope so. I have used it once. I really enjoyed how quite it is. 3in1 was quite noisy.
Date published: 2017-03-08
Rated 2 out of 5 by from Surface cracks after 3rd use I received this as a gift and though I wish to use it often, it has not received a ton of use when I have moved around the country and it stayed home in NY. I have used it maybe a 1/2 a dozen times. Today I made stuffed peppers, plenty of water in the insert. The outside now has a ton of hairline cracks on one side like it has been scratched, but it was burnt because brown residue came off on my hands. It also stuck to the inside of the pot. I am concerned the inserts cracks will deepen rendering it useless. Otherwise, I have really loved using it.
Date published: 2017-02-14
Rated 5 out of 5 by from True one-pot cooking! The stoneware in my ten year old crock pot cracked. Instead of just getting the same model again, I upgraded to this new model that I saw on Crock-pot's website. I am glad I did. I now, happily, brown meat and fowl along with sautéing vegetables in preparation for slow cooking without using additional pans. It makes me want to cook even more. Love it!
Date published: 2017-02-07
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Excellent replacement for my old Crock-Pot I received this crock pot as a Christmas present over a year ago and absolutley love it! I needed to replace my old one after years of much use. The heating element no longer worked. I love this new one so much I am plan to purchase another one as a gift for my oldest daughter.
Date published: 2017-02-06
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