Product FAQs

Crock-Pot® with Amazon Alexa FAQs

How do I set up my Alexa Slow Cooker?

Setup is easy! Your Wi-FiTM-connected Alexa-enabled device* will automatically detect your slow cooker once it's plugged in. No Alexa device? Download the free Amazon Alexa app on your mobile device to manage your slow cooker, and set it up manually, using the “Slow Cooker Manual Setup” instruction (page 9 of Owner’s Manual) (*when purchased from

What slow cooker settings can I control remotely?

Power Settings (On / Off), Cook Settings (High/Low/Warm), and Time Settings (XX minutes / XX hours)

Can the Alexa Slow Cooker still work if there is not Wi-FiTM?

Yes! The appliance can still be operated directly from the control panel in case of a router/ Wi-FiTM outage. Any pre-programmed schedules will not function in the event there is a router outage.

How close do you need to be to the Alexa/ Echo device to get the slow cooker to work?

50 feet (standard)

Is there any type of notification if the Wi-FiTM signal goes out/ any Wi-FiTM issues?

There is no notification. You will see that the device is unresponsive.

If internet goes out, does the unit continue cooking, or auto-shut off?

The unit continues cooking to the setting that was programmed, then shifts to Keep Warm

How long does the Keep Warm setting stay on for?

4 hours (standard)