Cook & Carry™ FAQs

Place Lid on Stoneware. Hook Wire Clip onto Clip Hook. Flip Latch around to top and push Latch down to securely lock . Repeat steps on other side of the lid.

NEVER attempt to lift or carry your slow cooker by the lid handle. Always use the handles located at each side on the base of the unit.

  1. Flip the latch up and around to loosen the Wire Clip. Clear the Wire Clip from the Clip Hook. Repeat steps on other side of the lid.
  2. Remove the Lid.
  3. Wire should remain in Latch base when unit is unlocked.



If you have a locking lid feature on your glass lid it’s extremely important to never lock the lid during the cooking process. Locking the lid during cooking, will keep the steam in –producing pressure --which could affect the slow cooker’s performance.
Once the lid is placed on Stoneware, ensure the wire clips are securely locked onto clip hooks. Securely carry by the easy-carry handles.