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Slow Cooking vs. Pressure Cooking

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Become a One-Pot Meal Expert for Every Occasion

From parties to potlucks, meal-prepping to family dinners, Crock-Pot has been helping busy people cook-up delicious One-Pot meals for over 40 years.

Crock-Pot Pressure Cookers and Slow Cookers were created to help you spend more time with your loved ones and less time in the kitchen. Here’s some tasty advice to help you decide which One-Pot cooking solution is best for your next meal.

Best One Pot Meal Food Types

When it comes to One-Pot cooking, WHAT you cook is an important factor in deciding which cooker to use. Prepare recipes with the BEST results, from flavor to texture by using our guide below:

Slow Cooker Recipes work best with:

For Best Results Create Slow Cooker Recipes Large Cuts of Meat - BEEF, BRISKET, RIBS, CHICKEN, PULLED MEATS - PORK & CHICKEN
For Best Results Create Slow Cooker Recipes HEARTY SOUPS, STEWS, STOCKS
For Best Results Create Slow Cooker Recipes Root Vegetables - POTATOES, CARROTS, ONIONS, BEETS, CELERY, RADISH

Pressure Cooker Recipes best with:

For Best Results Create Slow Cooker Recipes Ground Meats, Roasts, Meats with Dry Rub
For Best Results Create Slow Cooker Recipes One-Pot Pastas
For Best Results Create Slow Cooker Recipes Steamed Fish, Shell Fish, Shrimp, Scallops
For Best Results Create Slow Cooker Recipes Rice, Grains, Beans, Chili
For Best Results Create Slow Cooker Recipes Leafy Greens, Tender Vegetables - BROCCOLI, ASPARAGUS, SQUASH, SPINACH, AND CAULIFLOWER


Are you a Planner or Procrastinator? Crock-Pot knows the best One-Pot solution to determine WHEN to use your Slow Cooker vs. Pressure Cooker for all occasions.

Slow Cookers are best when:
  • PREPARING ONE-STEP MEALS - For meals ready to eat on-arrival after work or family dinners
  • COOKING CASUAL - For get-togethers, watch parties at home or tailgating
  • POTLUCKS AND OFFICE PARTIES - When transport and reheating is necessary
Pressure Cookers are best when:
  • THERE IS NO TIME TO PLAN and I need to make dinner fast
  • Cooking 2 DISHES at once
  • MEAL PREPPING - Healthy Grab-and-Go, weekday Breakfasts and Lunches
  • Creating quick & easy dinner recipes for busy weeknights


Whether using a Slow Cooker or Pressure Cooker, you can take advantage of these benefits when creating easy one pot meals:

Slow Cooking
  • Simple and easy to use and is low maintenance while providing great results
  • Versatile: serves right out of the pot and travels well
  • Check in on your recipe, stir and taste throughout the cooking process, so you can adjust flavors and cook time as needed
  • Tenderizes all types of meat and infuses and unites flavors in food
  • Creates golden brown edges for slow-cooked favorites like Mac & Cheese, Lasagna or Stuffing
Pressure Cooking
  • Cooks up to 70% faster than traditional cooking
  • Multi-functional: Keeps all the steps of cooking your recipe in One-Pot for easy, fast clean up
  • All-in-One: combines multiple common kitchen appliances in one
  • No Thawing, save time using frozen ingredients and No Soaking, when using dried beans or grains.
  • Easier to cook healthy foods by using the one-touch buttons, such as the Steam

Tips & Tricks

From meal-prepping, to cooking up easy dinner ideas, these tips and tricks will help you get the most out of one pot cooking with your Crock-Pot

Slow Cooker
  • REHEAT - The perfect portable vessel to keep your meal at the best serving temperature.
  • FOOD WARMER - Heat up buns or chocolate chip cookies while you eat for perfectly warm side dishes.
Pressure Cooker
  • Lock moisture into your meats by pressure cooking early in the day and then place them in the refrigerator until you’re ready to grill. Baste with sauce or seasonings and grill to add a caramelized finish before serving.

  • Unlike microwaved foods, meats stay moist and pastas don’t dry out when reheating. Use water, the trivet and an oven proof dish to quickly reheat food.

  • Cook different foods at once by using the steaming rack/basket, trivets and springform pans to create your wholesome meal.

Ready to Get Cooking?

With just a little inspiration, the Crock-Pot possibilities are endless! Explore our recipe collection for everything from delicious breakfast ideas, to easy dinner recipes and desserts.

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