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The 3 Best Ways to Get Kids Involved in Meal Prep

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Getting your children involved in dinner preparation during the week can be a lot of fun and also teach them valuable lessons at the same time. Being a part of the process will get your little ones excited about cooking and eating healthy, setting them up for success in the long run. Consider these tips for getting the kids involved in weekly dinners.

1. Elicit Their Feedback
Enlisting the help of your little ones in choosing a menu for dinner each night could result in lots of chicken fingers and French fries if you're not careful. Instead of giving them free reign, offer a list of meals and allow them to choose their favorites. From pastas to casseroles and fish dinners to meatloaf, provide a variety of options. Then, bring them grocery shopping and allow them to help pick out the necessary ingredients for the meal they've chosen. When they've had a hand in the decision-making process, your kids will be much more likely to eat everything on their plates that night.

2. Designate Tasks
Designating tasks in the kitchen will not only help to make your life easier by reducing mess and chaos, it will also help your kids feel important. Assign safe and easy tasks such as measuring ingredients, setting the table and pouring drinks. Mixing a bowl of ingredients is another favorite task for young ones.

Your little ones will be thrilled to help out in the kitchen.Your little ones will be thrilled to help out in the kitchen.

3. Keep It Simple
The most important thing to remember when you first start introducing your little ones to kitchen appliances, ingredients and the basics of cooking, is that it's best to keep it as simple as possible. As soon as the meal preparation gets overly complicated and involves a long list of ingredients, your children are likely to lose interest quickly. For the first time you invite your young chefs into the kitchen to help with dinner, consider using one of the delicious Crock-Pot® Cuisine Ready-to-Slow Cook Meals. Request their assistance in choosing a meal from the number of options online and they'll be amazed at the magic of their chosen cuisine arriving right to your doorstep with impeccable quality and freshness.

Once it's arrived on dry ice, pull up a stool and leave the ingredient preparation up to them. Your kids will enjoy pouring all of the top-notch, savory ingredients into the slow cooker and they'll love the mouth-watering smells of a delicious dinner cooking even more. When the whole family sits down for dinner at night, your little helpers will be beaming with pride at the meal they helped to create.



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