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Start the Year Off With a Potluck Party

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Another new year brings an opportunity for new endeavors and that includes stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new recipes. What better way to taste test new dips, appetizers and desserts than by hosting a potluck party with all of your friends and neighbors? The lull that follows the rush of the holiday season is the perfect time to host the gathering - here's what to do to host a successful potluck.

Send the Invites
Traditional snail mail invitations are great but since a successful potluck depends on a variety of dishes, a more communal invite makes the most sense. Create an email chain with all of your guests. Inform everyone of the date, time and location. Then explain that you will be taking care of the main dish and that five people should reply with an appetizer, five people should reply with a side dish, five people should reply with a beverage and five people should reply with the dessert that they will bring. This way, everyone can see each other's response and there will be no overlap in dishes. Numbers can be altered depending on the total number of guests you have invited.

Set the Guidelines
It's important that guests know how many people their dish will need to feed. There's a big difference between a lasagna that serves eight people and one that serves 20 people so ensure that everything is clear. When it comes to hosting a potluck, chances are good that some of your guests will need kitchen space to prep their dishes. Ask that all attendees let you know ahead of time if they will need oven, microwave or slow cooker time. Additionally, all guests should be responsible for providing the proper utensils needed to serve their dish.

All great potluck parties have the perfect amount of appetizers, side dishes and desserts.All great potluck parties have the perfect amount of appetizers, side dishes and desserts.

Prepare Your Kitchen and Dining Room
For those guests that respond informing you that they will need space for heating their dishes, you'll be in luck with your Crock-Pot® Hook Up® Connectable Entertaining System 3-Piece Set. In addition to cooking, this versatile entertaining system set works great as a serving station. Serve your main dish, as well as two dips and an appetizer from your guests with this handy slow cooker that gives you a 3.5-quart oval unit, one 2-quart round unit and one double oval unit with 2 quart-sized slow cookers. Set the system on the dining room table with all other potluck dishes. Prepare a station of plates, napkins, utensils and glasses at the beginning of the table. Grab a drink, fill up your plate and start tasting!



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