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Football fans show what's in their slow cookers [VIDEO]

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With team pride in their hearts and festive gear on their bodies, football fans were more than ready for the game - and so were their stomachs. Fans were asked what kinds of snacks they brought to enjoy during the tailgate, and to nobody's surprise, there was a lot of pulled pork, hearty soups and chili.

But when you're busy preparing for one of the best sporting events of the year, how do you find time to prepare meals for the game? Each of the featured dishes were effortlessly prepared in slow cookers, which saved the day and provided fans with a warm, filling meal to make the game even more enjoyable.

Oftentimes, people might equate effort with taste: The more time you spend tending to the stove, the better the end product. But just because these meals were effortless doesn't mean that taste was sacrificed. In fact, it was quite the opposite.

One fan explained that his hot, spicy dish was started two days beforehand so all of the delicious flavors had enough time to perfectly seep in. With his Crock-Pot® 6-Quart Cook & Carry™ Manual Slow Cooker, he was able to enjoy a tasty end product without having to monitor the dish the entire time it was being prepared. Another fan noted that his classic pulled pork recipe took 10 hours to cook, but he was able to leave it cooking while he was off doing other things. None of this would have been possible without his slow cooker.

Football fans everywhere take their tailgating activities seriously. That's why, no matter who wins the game, when it comes to truly enjoying the sporting event, your slow cooker will always be MVP.



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