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How to Take the Labor Out of Your Labor Day Meals

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The approaching long weekend is sure to be a much-needed break from everyday life. However, with the kids home and everyone else off of work, the break will also require more meals than usual. Not to fret, though. There are many ways to make meal prep easier than ever so you can truly enjoy a few days off this Labor Day weekend. Here's what you need to do.

Pick up groceries before the rush.Pick up groceries before the rush.

Go Grocery Shopping Before the Weekend
Sunday grocery shopping is always a little hectic, but it's likely to be especially packed with other shoppers over the weekend. Beat the rush and pick up all of the essentials before the weekend begins. This will require you to know exactly which meals you'll be cooking over the next few days, so plan it all out before you hit the road. List out all of the ingredients you need to make some of your favorite dishes. Classic Labor Day recipes are packed with casseroles and BBQ dishes, so keep that in mind as your create your list! You'll need plenty of ingredients for pulled pork, hamburgers, potato salad and more.

Whip Out Your Slow Cooker
A slow cooker is a Labor Day weekend essential. Why? Because when you're busy enjoying your time off with your family and friends, you can't be bothered with excessive meal prep - and forget being tied down to the stove all day. You'll want to spend your time outside, whether it's at the beach, lake or even just your backyard. With a slow cooker like the Crock-Pot® 6-Quart. Smart Slow Cooker with WeMo®, you're able to set it and forget it. 

The WeMo® technology also allows you to control your slow cooker with your mobile device, meaning you can literally be anywhere with an Internet connection and still change the settings on your slow cooker. No matter where your Labor Day travels happen to take you, you can count on a wonderfully prepared dish awaiting your arrival whenever it's convenient for you.

Host a slow cooker pot luck.Host a slow cooker pot luck.

Get Your Guests Involved
If you're planning on having people over for the holiday weekend, you may be feeling overwhelmed with your meal preparation. But why not get them involved in the process? Turn one day this weekend into a potluck and have everyone bring their favorite dish. Create a spreadsheet beforehand and instruct guests to record what they'll bring so everyone can plan their meals accordingly.

If you decide to turn the event into a special slow cooker potluck, you can use your Crock-Pot® Hook Up® Connectable Entertaining System 3-Piece Set to keep everyone's meals at the perfect temperature while guests serve themselves. The slow cookers connect so there's a nice streamlined display and only one outlet is needed. It's the perfect addition to any group gathering!

Order Crock-Pot Cuisine
Why order take-out when you can just as easily grab an all-natural, well balanced meal for your family to enjoy? With Crock-Pot® Cuisine, all you need to do is select your meals and input your delivery and payment information, and you'll receive all of the necessary ingredients to prepare a delicious dish. Everything you need will be delivered right to your door, and from there you simply place the items in your slow cooker, add anything else you'd like for a unique twist, and go back to your everyday activities. Without even having to tend to the stove, a hearty meal will be prepared for your entire household. Choose from nutritious meals like sesame ginger chicken, rustic beef stew and more!



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