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How to Streamline Your Meal Prep

First there was the manual slow cooker, then there was the slow cooker you could control with your mobile device. There are a number of Crock-Pot® brand products and services intended to make your life easier and more convenient, and Crock-Pot® Cuisine is the latest one you need to add to your list.

But what makes this service special? A number of things. Here's why you need to make Crock-Pot® Cuisine a part of your meal prep routine.

"In just a few simple steps, dinner is served."

There's no denying that Crock-Pot® Cuisine is one of the easiest ways to simplify dinner. In just a few simple steps - all of which can be done without even leaving your home - you can have a warm, well-balanced meal prepared for every member of your family. You can avoid lines at the grocery store as well as all of the time spent prepping veggies and meats. You can even go off and run errands while the food cooks itself! All you need to do is select your meals, place your order and you'll receive all of the essentials directly at your doorstep. Slow cooking is already a time saver, and now it really has never been easier.

Nutritious Meals
Anyone who has ever tried to prepare a meal in a time crunch and with limited resources knows that quality is often sacrificed under those kinds of circumstances. Even worse is when you're forced to pick up some fast food to feed your family when you're in a bind. Fortunately, you don't have to trade in taste or nutrition for convenience. Crock-Pot® Cuisine lets you choose from a number of well-balanced, nutritious meals that will satisfy your household. Meals are made with all natural ingredients, making them a smart choice no matter what your preference.

Choose from a number of delicious dishes, like rustic beef stew.Choose from a number of delicious dishes, like rustic beef stew.

A Diverse Selection
Whether you prefer beef over chicken or citrus over spice, there's an option for you. The menu caters to all types of preferences, and even the pickiest of eaters are sure to find something they love in the selection of all natural meals offered by Crock-Pot® Cuisine. There will be even more to choose from soon, including chipotle lime chicken fajitas, beef with broccoli and snow peas and more. Keep some of these on your weekly rotation and your household will look forward to a nutritious, warm meal every night!



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