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How to Host a Mini Party

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Throwing a fun, engaging party requires a few things. For one, you need to get a good group of people together. After all, it's not where you are, but who you're with that matters. But in addition to that, it's absolutely essential to have some good food on the menu. What better snacks to munch on at a party than finger food? Despite their small size, these snacks can make a big impact on party goers. Follow this guide to throwing a "mini party," where all treats can be held in the palm of your guests' hands.

"Stretch the menu across savory, sweet, light and filling."

Serve a Variety of Snacks
Just like your party's playlist, you'll want to make sure that your assortment of food is generic enough to appeal to everyone, yet creative enough to keep people interested. The tricky thing is, most people's tastes widely vary, so not everyone is going to like every single thing you serve. Fortunately, a mini party encourages guests to try a variety of bite-sized appetizers. Make sure they have a lot to choose from, and stretch the menu across savory, sweet, light and filling.

Offer some crowd pleasers, like little pigs in a blanket and rolled up bacon, as well as more interesting dishes. For example, cut up some cantaloupe and wrap a thin piece of prosciutto around it. Stick a toothpick through it, and watch as guests sample something they may otherwise have never tried.

Focus on the Presentation
Part of the allure of a mini party is the idea that everything will be small and adorably packaged. Don't let guests down! There are many easy ways to present finger foods fashionably. For starters, make sure your snacks offer a vivid display of different colors. Not only will the arrangement look nice, but when your plate is packed with colorful ingredients, it's often a sign that it's healthy - unless, of course, the different colors are due to assorted artificial flavors.

A mini party is all about the presentation.A mini party is all about the presentation.

To start, turn a table into a serving station and arrange each dish in a uniform line. Keep tongs and other serving utensils close-by, and be sure to stick a colorful toothpick through apps that are prone to getting messy. Jazz up simple snacks with a dollop of a tasty condiment and a small green garnish. For example, a party dish as basic as chips and salsa can easily transition into a cute bite-sized appetizer. Get a large chip with ridges and pour some of your homemade salsa onto it. Toss a tiny bit of sour cream on top and garnish with a snip of basil. This quick twist on your standard chips and salsa dish immediately makes it more interesting.

Get Others Involved
Preparing food for a group of people doesn't have to be stressful. With your Crock-Pot® Hook Up® Connectable Entertaining System, you're able to keep your favorite finger foods warm throughout the entire party. Encourage your guests to bring their own device and connect it with yours to provide everyone with tasty apps that won't get cold. You can even turn it into a friendly competition and keep a jar nearby for guests to vote on their favorite dish. Winner gets to bring home the leftovers!

Supply Napkins
Things are bound to get messy when all of your guests are enjoying themselves and eating with their hands. Don't stress, though - a messy table is the sign of a successful party. Keep plenty of napkins handy, and supply plastic utensils for dishes that require them. Because a party of this nature is all about the presentation, get some mason jars to hold the utensils and pick up some napkin rings to beautifully present them to your guests.



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