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3 Tips for Catering the Best Grad Party

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It's that time of year again. High school and college seniors are grabbing their diplomas, heading home for the summer and looking to celebrate their achievements. Most likely, those parties will happen right in your home. In fact, it's often easier to throw everything together when your house is the destination.

Graduation parties are a big part of your former student's life, so make sure you know all the party planning tips beforehand.

1. Host two 'Different' Parties
Everyone and their mother comes to the graduate party - literally. Relatives from far and wide as well as all of your graduate's friends from college, high school and beyond will likely stop by. For this reason, hosts often choose to schedule a time slot for family and one for everyone else. For instance, you can tell the family to arrive around noon and the friends and younger crowd to stop by in the evening.

This also makes it easier to cater the party, as you can put out and clean up to different batches of food instead of leaving the plates out for too long.

2. Buy Foods on Sale
As with any other party, it's all about the prep work beforehand. Once you send out those invites, keep an eye out for any sales at the grocer. Buy the items you'll need - hamburger, pork, steak, sodas, chips, etc. - when they're cheap. You can vacuum seal and freeze what you buy in advance with a FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealer to ensure freshness on the big day.

3. It's all About Convenience
Remember, this event is important, but it's no black tie affair. Think of it like a barbecue. There should be a lot of finger foods and snacks that are easy to prepare and eat so the guests can focus on mingling. Plan to prepare items that are easy to prepare and grab, like burgers, steak skewers, sandwiches, veggie platters and the like.

The 3-piece set is perfect for catering parties of any size.The Crock-Pot® Hook Up® 3-Piece Set is perfect for catering parties of nearly any size.

A homemade dip for chips and veggies and a pulled-pork dish for sandwiches are two must-haves at a grad party. Pulled buffalo chicken cheese dip is usually a favorite among the younger crowd. This is where your Crock-Pot® Hook Up® 3-Piece Set really comes in handy. There's enough space for two dips - perfect for a vegetarian alternative - and two other units for pulled pork or any other creative concoctions. Then, keeping your food fresh and prepared is as easy as keeping the system on low heat throughout the day.



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