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6 Kitchen Appliances You Can't Live Without

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A well-stocked kitchen can have a considerable impact on the quality and appearance of your meals. Any seasoned chef knows that having those special tools, like garlic mincers and melon ballers, can ensure your ingredients are prepared with quality in mind.

If you're wondering which appliances are critical for keeping your kitchen ready to handle any meal at a moment's notice, learn about the following tools and how they can benefit your space.

1. Slow Cooker
Have a family chili recipe? Love making queso? How about chicken casserole? Each of these dishes is well-suited for serving in your slow cooker. This appliance is ideal for making magic from various ingredients you've got strewn about your kitchen, and it's especially helpful for chefs who have odd schedules that leave little time for preparing meals during the evening. 

You need a reliable slow cooker to prepare your favorite meals.You need a reliable slow cooker to prepare your favorite meals.

2. Sturdy Mixer
You can pick up a cheap mixer from a number of outlets in your city, but investing in high-quality mixer is important for several different reasons. Most importantly, a sturdy mixer will last much longer than a flimsy one - and since this is an appliance you'll be using frequently if you bake or whisk, you'll need to pick one that can last through many uses.

3. Waffle Iron
The joy of a waffle iron is that you can make a wealth of meals that extend far beyond mere breakfast cakes. Ever made prepared cinnamon rolls in your waffle iron? How about Nutella-filled pastries? Use this appliance to warm up these tasty morning dishes in a dash.

"Investing in your appliances up front can save you serious cash in the long run."

4. Sandwich Press
When you're expected to make a meal for several guests at once, sometimes sticking with the simple things can make your life much easier. Whether you're whipping up grilled cheese or full blown BLTs, your sandwich press makes a big difference with regard to meal preparation and execution.

5. Coffee Maker
Are you a one-cup coffee drinker, or do you put a good dent in the pot before heading to the office? Either way, you need a high-quality coffee maker to meet your needs. The perfect coffee maker can brew one stellar cup or several tasty pots of your favorite roast. This is another appliance that's well worth the initial investment.

6. Multi-Purpose Blender
Preparing healthy smoothies, salsas and soups is simple with a reliable and powerful multi-purpose blender, especially when it's equipped with advanced features like dual direction blade technology that draws food into the blade for smoother, faster results.



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