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Your Rice Cooker and Your Slow Cooker: What Should You Use When?

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The age old question: Is the time-tested method of slow cooking the best way to prepare your savory treats, or is the quick efficiency of a rice cooker king? There's been a battle raging between these kitchen titans for years now, with many buying just one or the other.

Put the debate to bed. The true answer is that neither appliance is "better."

The Fundamental Difference Between Slow Cookers and Rice Cookers
Rice cookers and slow cookers prepare your food in different ways, so it doesn't exactly make sense to judge one against the other. That would be like asking whether your Crock-Pot® Programmable Cook & Carry™ Slow Cooker is better than your waffle iron or your gas grill. You can't measure one in terms of the other.

Slow cookers and rice cookers are two very different appliances with very different uses.Slow cookers and rice cookers are two very different appliances with very different uses.

Instead, it's important to understand the differences between one and the other so you can use them in conjunction with one another to make some really tasty foods.

Rice Cookers are Built for Speed
Your slow cooker is made to gradually bring your foods to the correct temperature using a slow and even heat. Rice cookers, on the other hand, are meant to bring their contents to a boil in the quickest time possible. They're primarily used to prepare raw rice and other grains in a speedy manner so you can focus on your other kitchen items. Quinoa, rice, oatmeal, millet - that's the rice cooker's bread and butter so to speak.

Those differences in cooking speed mean you can streamline your efforts in the kitchen by using using both items with one another. Let the slow cooker simmer your main course to perfection. Then, jump in with the rice cooker to quickly prepare your side dishes. 

Here are a few meals you can prepare in a snap by putting both appliances to work.

Give your Ratatouille Some Extra Oomph
Ratatouille has all the sweet veggies to make for a perfect midsummer meal. All it needs is a little fiber and protein to make it perfect. Serve it on top of some fluffy quinoa to kick it up a notch.

Rice in Your Veggie Chili
It's hard to make up for all the substance you lose in a chili that isn't made with beef or pork. When those beans, tomato sauce and seasonings are done marinating, throw in a little brown rice for consistency.

Millet in Your Soup
You can do the same thing with a rainy day stew. Add millet after the soup has been simmering for a tasty final touch.



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