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How to Prep a Well-Balanced Dinner in 3 steps

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There's nothing more comforting than a home cooked meal. But when your schedule is packed with work, appointments and other responsibilities, it can be challenging to find the time to cook dinner. Fortunately, there's Crock-Pot® Cuisine to help you significantly reduce prep time for your meal and let it slowly cook while you're off getting things done. You can accomplish all of your daily responsibilities and have a warm, nutritious dish waiting for you the moment you walk in the door. Follow these three easy steps to learn how you can actually do it all.

Peruse the menu and select your favorites.Peruse the menu and select your favorites.

Step One: Select Your Meals
Imagine being able to peruse a menu of chef-inspired meals and select exactly what you want for dinner. With Crock-Pot® Cuisine, that's the first step to enjoying easy, all-natural meals that you and your family can enjoy all week long. Sesame ginger chicken, rustic beef stew, lemon herb chicken - these are just some of the delicious dishes you could be serving without even stepping foot in a grocery store or monitoring the stove. While many meals on-the-go sacrifice taste and nutrition, all of the dinners offered by Crock-Pot® Cuisine are packed with flavor and natural ingredients. Choose four meals to get started.

"Your meals will be delivered directly to your doorstep."

Step Two: Receive Your Order
Once you select your meals, input your information, including where you'd like it to be shipped, and place your order. Your meals will be delivered directly to your doorstep - and that beats planning out weekly trips to the grocery store and waiting in line for all of your ingredients. The time you save shopping and preparing your meals can be used for fulfilling all of your other life obligations.

Step Three: Prepare Your Meal in No Time
As soon as you receive your meal, you can begin preparing your dinner. Each package comes equipped with nutritional information and directions for cooking. Follow the instructions, which typically only consist of placing it in your slow cooker and setting it at either low or high. You can include additional spices and ingredients as you wish, and there are even recommendations included in the packet that comes with your meal. Include them in your dish for an especially flavorful dish that you can enjoy the moment you get home from a long day. 



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