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How to Host a Slow Cooker Potluck

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Question: What's better than a home cooked meal made straight from the slow cooker?

Answer: Several freshly prepared dishes warming in a series of slow cookers.

When it comes to hosting a potluck, few appliances are as beneficial as your slow cooker, so consider throwing a soirée centered around your favorite kitchen essential. Start planning and get to work - follow these six steps to ensure your slow cooker party is one for the ages.

Step 1: Pick a Theme
Before your friends can start preparing their dishes, they need to know what kind of recipes to look out for. Are you sticking with a soup and sandwiches theme, or would you prefer dishes to come from one specific regional cuisine? Once you've decided on your theme, you can start planning decorations, outfits and - most importantly - recipes.

Step 2: Send Out Your Invites
Will your potluck be restricted to your close group of friends, or will you leave the invitation open to significant others, children and guests? Decide how many people you want attending your dinner, then decide if you'd like to accommodate for additional visitors. Try to get a general head count before the event to make the evening run much more smoothly, but don't hold your guests to this number.

Match your invitations to your theme for a more festive feel.

Step 3: Coordinate Recipes 
Potlucks are great parties for large friend groups, but we all know it's no fun when eight people show up with wine and only two bring dishes. Consider creating a digital spreadsheet where guests can indicate whether they're bringing a side, entree or dessert. This way, you won't have to worry about having too much or too little food for the final event.

Step 4: Clean Up the Kitchen
Prior to the big day, you'll need to clear space for all the slow cookers you'll be expecting. Set up a large table with a festive tablecloth to hold the appliances. For dishes that need to continue warming, set aside a space on your counter that's near an outlet.

Step 5: Prepare Your Dish
You're the hostess, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't prepare a dish as well! Get out your favorite slow cooker recipe and get to work - bonus points if you serve a series of dishes with your Crock-Pot® Hook Up® Connectable Entertaining System.

Your connectable slow cookers are ideal for potluck gatherings.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Meals!
Once the plates are out, the drinks are poured and the slow cookers are set, it's time to eat. Set up a buffet-style line around your table to efficient flow, and enjoy your slow cooker concoctions.



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