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6 Fictional Characters Who Should Have Used a Slow Cooker

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Have you ever wondered how the lives of your favorite characters from the small screen would change if only they owned a slow cooker?

Well, we have. And we've come up with a list of leading men and women who could have saved a great deal of time and heartache if they'd used a slow cooker to prepare some of their favorite meals.

1. Michael Bluth, "Arrested Development"
In one of the first episodes of the cult classic "Arrested Development," protagonist Michael Bluth uses the notoriously dangerous Cornballer to prepare a breakfast treat for his family. The Bluths would have been much safer sticking with a slow cooker, however, as several family members suffer severe burns while attempting to cook with the Cornballer.

2. Jessica Day, "New Girl"

Image via Instagram, @newgirlonfox

Her quirkiness is endearing, but when it comes to her cooking skills, Jessica Day has a lot to learn. In the first season of "New Girl," Jess is faced with a dilemma when she agrees to cook a Thanksgiving feast for her friends ... without knowing how to prepare a turkey. Instead of using the clothes dryer during the cooking process, Jess may have had an easier time trying out Crock-Pot Girl™ Jenn Bare's Slow Cooker Paleo Turkey Breast.

3. Monica Geller, "Friends"
Living with your closest friends means you'll always have opportunities to socialize, but it also means you'll be cooking large batches of food to accommodate your group. Monica Geller, one of the main characters from "Friends," knew this all too well. She would have loved having a Crock-Pot® Hook Up® Connectable Entertaining System to keep all her favorite culinary creations warm in her apartment.

4. The Doctor, "Doctor Who"

Image via Instagram, @doctorwho_bbca

His appetite changes as frequently as his face, meaning The Doctor needs cooking appliances that can keep up with his ever-changing dietary desires. Whether he's whipping up batch of fish fingers and custard or treating his companions to a delicious dinner, The Doctor should look to keeping a slow cooker handy in his TARDIS.

5. Dwight Shrute, "The Office"
Beet connoisseur Dwight Shrute from "The Office" would have loved having a slow cooker on hand. Not only could Dwight use his slow cooker to find new and innovative ways to use the bounty from his beet farm, but he could bring his favorite dishes to work the next day by putting them in his Crock-Pot® Lunch Crock® Food Warmer.

6. Ron Swanson, "Parks and Recreation"

Image via Instagram, @nbcparksandrec

Ron Swanson is a simple man. He doesn't require much to be happy, but there is one thing Ron can't live without: meat. Whether he's enjoying a turf 'n' turf or chewing on a Meat Tornado, you can always count on Ron's carnivorous tendencies. Ron would enjoy owning an appliance that allows him to combine his favorite meats into a hearty dish with little effort on his part. He should check out this tasty take on Teriyaki Ribs, perfect for preparing in the Casserole Crock™ Slow Cooker.



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