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5 Hints to Spice up Your Favorite Stew

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Colder weather means it's time to start showing off your favorite hot dishes, from crunchy casseroles to steamy soups. Stew is a great meal for this time of the year - not only does it keep you warm in the winter, but it blends a variety of your favorite flavors in one delicious dish.

Next time you're whipping up your staple stew in your slow cooker, consider trying one of these tips to spice up your meal.

1. Don't Be Shy When Seasoning
Adding spices can drastically alter the taste of your stew. Whether you prefer the kick of chili powder or the freshness of basil, herbs and spices are among the most important ingredients in your stew. Sprinkle a few in the stoneware when you're mixing your ingredients - and be sure not to forget the two most important spices, salt and pepper.

Salt and pepper are among the most important ingredients for your stew.

2. Get a Variety of Vegetables
Your stew likely already contains one or two vegetables, but try mixing up your selection for a unique taste. Peppers are a tasty option, while chewy vegetables - like mushrooms and zucchini - can pack an equally delicious punch.

3. Sear the Meat
Bon Appétit magazine reported that searing your meat is arguably the most important step to take when cooking with it. If you've never seared your meat before adding it to your stew, try it out! It adds a bit of texture to your dish.

4. Add Some Bite to Your Brew
To give your stew a bit more texture, it's imperative that you sprinkle in some croutons or crunchy foods, like carrots or celery. Be sure to add them toward the end of your cooking cycle for maximum crunch!

Croutons and carrots are great ways to add crunch to your stew.

5. Don't Forget to Spice at the End
While it's important that you sprinkle your seasonings at the beginning of the cooking process, it's equally crucial that you add your favorite spices toward the end to ensure they remain at the forefront of the palate. 



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