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Set the Mood for Valentine's Day in Under 20 Minutes

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Valentine's Day may fall on the same date each year, but that doesn't mean you're prepared for the big night. Instead of spending the entire day running around and cleaning your home, set and stick to a strict schedule to make this holiday go off without a hitch. 

Want to see how it's done? Commit yourself to 20 minutes of cleaning, prepping and decorating for the night.

It's Go-Time: Clean the Bedroom
Time to fold that laundry, move those shoes and take out the dirty dishes - you only have five minutes to clean this space, so make them count! You want your room to be neat and presentable, so focus on removing eyesores from the floor.

"Commit yourself to 20 minutes of cleaning, prepping and decorating for the night."

5-Minute Mark: Make the Bed
After five minutes of cleaning your room, move your focus to the bed. Strip your sheets, fluff the pillows and straighten the comforter. If you're feeling particularly romantic, consider lighting a few candles and dressing the mattress in rose petals for your significant other's arrival.

10-Minute Mark: Move to the Kitchen
You've already prepared your Valentine's Day dinner with your slow cooker, so use this time to clear clutter from the counters and make the room look a bit more organized.

15-Minute Mark: Set the Table
Break out the fancy dishes, because you'll want your homemade meal to be as visually stunning as possible. Use this time period to arrange your table in style, which could include red cloth napkins, potpourri and long-stemmed roses. 

Set the table with all your favorite romantic objects.Set the table with all your favorite romantic objects.

20-Minute Mark: Turn on the TV (or Music)
Once your home is prepped for the big night, you can set the mood with your favorite romantic music or movie playing in the background. Consider making a Valentine's playlist to run through the night, including both yours and your partner's favorite love tunes.



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