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8 Meals that Make the Best Leftovers

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Everyone loves a good leftover. Certain dishes can be repurposed for office lunches, reheated dinners and new slow cooker recipes. If you're a person who enjoys making meals on Sunday to be eaten throughout the rest of the week, you'll want to stick with dishes that transition well from fridge to lunchbox.

Next time you're planning your weekly meal menu, try taking one of the following dishes to work with your Crock-Pot® Lunch Crock® Food Warmer.

1. Hearty Lasagna
Warm, cold, hot - temperature doesn't matter when it comes to lasagna. Whether you've prepared a tomato-based traditional dish or a vegetarian spinach Alfredo option, this meal will last for several days in your fridge.

Lasagna for lunch? Count us in.Lasagna for lunch? Count us in.

2. Crafty Casseroles
From chicken and mushroom to green bean and onion, casseroles can be easily heated and transported from place to place. Casseroles are surprisingly versatile - you can eat them by the spoonful, place servings between pieces of bread or enjoy on the side of another leftover. 

3. Cold Pizza
Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Wait, pizza. We mean pizza. Wrap up last night's slices and place them in the fridge at work for a tasty midday pick-me-up.

4. Mom's Meatballs
Whether they've come straight from Mom's kitchen or you're recreating her favorite recipe, meatballs are another dish that produces leftovers to be used in various other meals. These could include pastas, sandwiches and stews.

5. Seasonal Stuffing
Sausage dressing doesn't need to be limited to the holiday season. Prepare your favorite stuffing in your slow cooker for a tasty lunch your co-workers will be jealous of.

6. Savory Stew
Vegetables, meat, broth - what's not to like? Stews are a great way to make use of those vegetables and cuts of meat you have lying around in your fridge. They're ideal for your portable slow cooker, as they reheat as easily as they're made.

Slow cooker stew makes a great office lunch.Slow cooker stew makes a great office lunch.

7. Shepherd's Pie
Think of Shepherd's Pie as the leftover of your leftovers. Depending on your preference, you can combine several of your past dishes - including beef, mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables and biscuits - for this meal. Since its taste won't change based on its storage, it's ideal for bringing along to work.

8. Chicken Soup
You don't need to be sick to enjoy a classic chicken noodle soup. After making your own homemade batch of this dish, it'll make a great lunch for any day of the week, especially when paired with a simple sandwich like grilled cheese.



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