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5 Ways to Make Mealtime Easier

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Are you sick of spending hours in the kitchen each night? While you may enjoy quality time with your cooking utensils a few times a week, the process can get daunting if you're having to make a new meal every evening.

Make your mealtime a bit easier by following one of these steps, which can eliminate a lot of the hustle and bustle associated with dinner.

1. Delegate Tasks
Cooking isn't the only factor to consider when prepping dinner dishes. The ingredients need to be prepared, the table needs to be set and serving spoons need to be placed in each dish. If you're cooking for more than one person, assign people tasks to make the evening run more smoothly. You'll be thanking your lucky stars that you won't have to worry about putting out plates while your savory pot roast cools on the table.

Get your friends to help set up the table while you put the finishing touches on your dish.Get your friends to help set up the table while you put the finishing touches on your dish.

2. Serve Premade Dishes
Instead of focusing on creating new meals from scratch each evening, designate a few nights each week where you can enjoy a premade dish. This can range from preparing a frozen meal you've picked up from the grocery store to saving portions of large meals you've made in your slow cooker.

One quick and easy alternative for the time-conscious chef is purchasing high-quality dishes from Crock-Pot® Cuisine, which sends ready-to-make meal kits to people who request them. These include hearty lasagnas, roasted chicken and savory chili - all meals that take mere minutes to prepare when delivered. 

3. Make a Weekly Menu
Deciding which dishes you'll enjoy each night of the week can make the process of cooking much easier for all involved. Even if your menu is as simple as "use the leftover chicken on Wednesday," having those set guidelines can reduce your stress during the week and make picking dishes a breeze. 

"Placing a wooden spoon over a pot of boiling pasta will keep the water from spilling over."

4. Use What's Left
Speaking of that leftover chicken, gather those vegetables sitting in the drawer and those spices you've got on the rack for a tasty and tantalizing slow cooker dish. Get creative with your leftovers for an easy meal that you won't have to think twice about. And who knows - maybe you'll stumble upon a new favorite recipe!

5. Brush Up on Kitchen Hacks
Pull up Pinterest and start searching for those simple hacks relevant to the dish you're preparing. These small kitchen tips can be serious lifesavers. For example, did you know placing a wooden spoon over a pot of boiling pasta can keep the water from spilling over? 



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