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Why a Slow Cooker is the Perfect Lazy Day Companion

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It's not always a lack of ingredients that keeps you from painstakingly preparing a delicious meal. Sometimes, there's just a lack of motivation. On a lazy summer afternoon, it can be hard to drum up the willpower to do a lot of cooking. Don't let that drive you to a restaurant or fast food joint, though.

The Crock-Pot® 6-Quart Smart Slow Cooker with WeMo® is the ultimate lazy day helper in the kitchen. Now, you can effortlessly cook your meals without even being in the same room. 

How Does it Work?
The Crock-Pot® Smart Slow Cooker with WeMo® puts all of the slow cooker's controls in the palm of your hand using a WiFi connection and the free WeMo® App. Do you want to change the heat settings while you surf through the Web on your tablet? No problem. Do you wish you could go out to see a movie while monitoring the food in your slow cooker? This appliance just answered your prayers.

As long as you have a smartphone with a connection to the Internet, you can alter your slow cooker temperatures and times or see when your food will be done. That means greater convenience and less effort for preparing a delicious savory meal. Best of all, setting it up and downloading the app is incredibly easy, making it perfect for even your laziest days.

Need a Hand with Stirring?
A true food lover might be wondering about the meals that need stirring. What about hearty chilies or stews that require a little moving around to improve texture and ensure all the flavors properly diffuse? There's an answer for that, too.

The Crock-PotThe Crock-Pot® Digital Slow Cooker with iStir™ Stirring System has a built in paddle that will stir your dish for you.

The Crock-Pot® 6-Quart Digital Slow Cooker with iStir™ Stirring System will stir your meal for you automatically using a lid with a built in paddle for stirring. This serves two benefits. First, you'll never have to get up to check on your dish. The slow cooker stirs the contents, the temperatures are programmed in beforehand and you're free to relax, run errands or do whatever else it is you want. Second, because the paddle is built into the lid, you won't have to open the appliance to stir your food. That means no heat will escape, creating an incredibly efficient cooking process.

Now, you can control your slow cooker using a mobile device and it will even stir itself. You'll barely have to lift a finger!



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