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Gear For The Ultimate College Football Super Fan

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You may not be able to go back to your college days, but that doesn't mean you can't celebrate like you did back then. College football season is upon us, and it's the time of year that you get together with all of your friends to watch the game and tailgate like you're an undergrad. This year, be sure to party with the best gear that shows your team pride and makes your celebrations even more fun than they were back in school. Here's what you need.

School Clothing
The first thing you'll need to show your pride is a T-shirt, sweatshirt, hat or all three with your school's name and logo. You'll also need to follow up with some face paint and noisemakers that let everyone know exactly who you're rooting for.

A major part of every tailgate involves eating the tastiest food and drinking the best drinks. Be sure to keep snacks and beverages in their right state by packing a cooler or two appropriately. Try to get one in your team's colors so you can use it with pride. Pro tip: You'll want to choose ice packs over cubes. Your tailgate will last hours, and the last thing you want is a cooler full of melted ice. 

Show team pride with your slow cooker.Show team pride with your slow cooker.

Festive Slow Cooker
Behind every great tailgate is an even greater slow cooker. It allows you to perfectly prepare pulled pork, chicken wings, queso dip and other classic football game appetizers with minimal effort. And now, your slow cooker is able to join in on the festivities. The Crock-Pot® Brand now has a line of slow cookers emblazoned with your favorite collegiate team's logo. No football tailgate is complete without it!

"Turn the parking lot or field into a makeshift kitchen."

Outdoor Kitchen Setup
One of the most frustrating parts about a tailgate is trying to make the parking lot or football field your shelter for the day and evening. It seems nothing is ever where you need it and things get lost forever. However, if you plan appropriately and bring the right tools along with you, the parking lot or field can turn into a makeshift kitchen.

For starters, bring a set of plastic drawers to keep items like plastic utensils, spices and condiments. You can also set up a hand washing station complete with paper towels, water and hand soap. When everything is laid out like it is in a kitchen, it makes the entire tailgate experience much more enjoyable.



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