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A Slow Cooker for Every Occasion

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After discovering the endless possibilities your slow cooker can provide, it's difficult to deny this device will become a staple in your kitchen. But the capabilities of your slow cooker extend far beyond pastas, soups and bread puddings - though those are all delectable dishes to craft with your slow cooker. 

Aside from the rounded version that can hold anywhere between 2.5 and 7 quarts, there are many variations of this appliance that can be used for any occasion.  

The Casserole Connoisseur 
Whether you prefer a variety of vegetables or a crunchy chicken casserole, using a slow cooker ensures your dish is both thoroughly and easily prepared. While your classic slow cooker is capable of preparing this dish, consider opting for one that is specifically designed for casseroles. These appliances are rectangular, as opposed to circular, making the process of cooking and serving your casserole much easier. They're also easily transportable, meaning you can carry your casserole from one place to another without spilling or ruining its contents. 

The On-The-Go Luncher
Enjoy hot meals at lunch, but don't have the budget to eat out every day? Consider investing in a portable food warmer - keep one of these at your desk during the day and use it to warm up last night's leftovers. Fill the removable carrier with the food of your choosing, turn it on in the morning, and you'll have hot leftovers by lunch!

The Tech-Savvy Chef
If you're a fan of allowing your slow cooker to work while you're at the office, but you want to remain a bit more involved in the cooking process, a WeMo® enabled slow cooker is the ideal option for you. This appliance can be controlled by your smart phone - this allows you to adjust your dish's cooking time, temperature and condition while you're away from home. 

The Pot Luck Lover
Slow cookers are perfect for preparing pot luck dishes because they allow you to cook large and filling meals for any occasion, but people who frequently attend these events should look into purchasing a portable slow cooker. These appliances allow chefs to cook their dishes in the same container they wish to bring it in.



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