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5 Things You Didn't Know About the Crock-Pot® WeMo® Enabled Smart Slow Cooker

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Technology has made a considerable impact on many aspects of our lives, from the way we communicate with our friends to the way we heat our homes. One room in your home that has greatly benefited from these advanced devices is your kitchen - certain appliances come equipped with WeMo® technology, which allows them to sync to your smartphone for more efficient preparation, cooking and serving.

One such device is the Crock-Pot® WeMo® Enabled Smart Slow Cooker - a device that connects to your smartphone via the WeMo® app, letting the chef closely monitor his or her meals at the swipe of a screen.

Looking to learn more about how your WeMo® enabled slow cooker can make a difference in your life? Consider the following benefits provided by the technology: 

1. You Can Control It with Your Smart Phone
Your Crock-Pot® WeMo® Enabled Smart Slow Cooker is compatible with the free WeMo® app, which provides users with options that allow them to adjust settings, set schedules and keep food warm whether they're in the home or out and about.

2. Select Your Specifications with Ease
After prepping your ingredients and covering the stoneware, use the WeMo® app to set a timer, change the temperature and view what time your meal will be complete. 

3. Adjust Cooking Times On The Go
Since the WeMo® app is available for download onto your Apple or Android smart device, you can change cook settings while you're on the go. Whether you're held up at work or stuck in traffic, use this technology to let your food warm on low, turn off the slow cooker or modify the cook time.

4. Keep Contents Warm While Waiting
After your meal has finished cooking, the WeMo® app will instruct your slow cooker to keep the food warm until you get home. You have the option to turn off your appliance entirely, but the app will ensure your food stays warm until you return.

5. Hook Up Your Whole House
Want to learn more about how WeMo® technology can revolutionize your home? Your Crock-Pot® Slow Cooker isn't the only appliance that can use this app - learn more about your Crock-Pot® WeMo® Enabled Smart Slow Cooker and other devices that can be connected to the app by clicking here.



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