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The Crock-Pot® Slow Cooker Legacy

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Over the years, Crock-Pot® Brand Slow Cookers have changed along with the times. While the appliances retain their original quality, there are a variety of features that make newer models stand out among the crowd.

The Classics
The Crock-Pot® Brand is associated with several features that have stood the test of time. Whether you're picking up a newer model or sticking with a more conventional appliance, your original Crock-Pot® Brand Slow Cooker is marked by the following.

  • Materials: The original Crock-Pot® Brand Slow Cooker was made from just three materials: glass, stoneware and metal.
  • Settings: Off, Low and High are the only settings you need. 
  • Colors: Your classic Crock-Pot® Brand Slow Cooker only came in three colors: Flame Red, Avocado Green and Wood Tone.
  • Designs: Fans of classic patterns will recognize the two original slow cooker designs: tan with blue print and speckles, and tan and diamond-checkered.

The Innovations
From integrating smart technology to improving safety features, aspects of the classic Crock-Pot® Slow Cooker have been adapted to reflect the changing lifestyles of the brand's most loyal consumers.

  • Portable: While Crock-Pot® Brand slow cookers of the past were movable, you would need oven mitts or towels to grasp the stoneware, not to mention a person who could keep the lid from dislodging during travel. Now, however, Crock-Pot® Brand Slow Cookers come with securable lids and handles to make transport much easier.
  • Programmable: Ever wish you could control how long your slow cooker stays on? Crock-Pot® Digital Slow Cookers with Smart Cook™ technology can be set to activate certain features at specific times during the cooking cycle.
  • Stovetop-Safe: Instead of browning your foods in a separate pan, you can now save time and effort by completing this activity in your slow cooker. 
  • I-Stir: Want to stir your food without having to remove the lid? We've go the answer - Crock-Pot® Digital Slow Cookers with iStir™ Stirring Systems can automatically mix your ingredients while they're cooking, preventing air from ruining the integrity of your dish. 
  • WeMo®-Enabled: Control your slow cooker dish from any location that has Wi-Fi by using your WeMo®-enabled slow cooker, which can receive commands from the WeMo® app on your smart device. 


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