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How to Set the Perfect Table for Christmas Dinner

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Aiming to impress this holiday season? Then it's imperative that you place as much effort into setting the table as you do prepping your large feast. After you've selected your Christmas centerpiece and brought out your favorite serving dishes, review proper table-setting etiquette to make the most of your festive dinner.

Get out the good china and get to work. Keep these four tips in mind as you're setting the table this Christmas.

1. Set the Table Before You Cook
You don't want to spend your entire Christmas in the kitchen, so set the table before you even start to cook your feast. If you've got guests staying at your home, consider setting the table the night before the dinner - this way, you're not distracted by setting out the dishes during Christmas morning. Added bonus? Your dining room can set the tone for your entire celebration, especially if you set out green and red decorations with frill and lace.

Remember to set your silverware appropriately.

2. Know Where to Place the Utensils
It can be stressful trying to remember which utensil goes where when you're setting the table. However, when it comes down to it, the proper setting is actually very simple. The basics can be boiled down to the following key points: 

  • Match the letters: Much like the word "left," utensils with four letters - like fork - are placed to the left of the plate. Those with five - like knife and spoon - are matched with the five-letter word "right." The only exception to this rule is your dessert utensil, which goes above the plate.
  • Work from the outside: Martha Stewart Living magazine noted that the silverware you anticipate using first should go toward the outer edges of the plate. Salad forks and soup spoons are toward the outside, while dinner forks and knives are closer to the plate.
Save space on your table by setting food to the side.

3. Serve Food to the Side
Worried about overloading your table? Nix this concern in the bud by serving your dishes to the side of your dining table. Use appliances that can keep your food warm while your guests serve themselves some of your delicious dishes. If you plan on preparing any sides in your slow cooker, consider using your Crock-Pot® Hook Up® Connectable Entertaining System. This is perfect for serving large groups of people, especially around the holidays. This system is especially helpful if any of your family members want seconds, as it can keep your food warm while you revel in each others' company for the evening.



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