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Holiday Dishes Around the World

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Each family has its own culinary traditions, whether your loved ones fight over figgy pudding or enjoy a chilled glass of homemade eggnog. Individuals living outside of the U.S. have equally traditional dishes they serve during the holidays - some of which are well-suited for preparing in your slow cooker.

Christmas in Canada: Tourtière

Try this meat-filled favorite from Canada.

Looking to honor our neighbors to the north? Try whipping up a traditional Canadian tourtière, a meat-filled favorite that can be customized to people's individual tastes. Canadian Living magazine reported that the dish is normally made with beef and potatoes encapsulated by a flaky pie crust. But people are encouraged to add their own favorite foods to the mix - mushrooms, carrots, celery and onion are great additions to your tourtière.

Festively French: Ratatouille

Prepare this filling - not to mention nutritious! - dish this season.

This is a staple dish in French cuisine, especially around the holidays. Its appeal stems from both its delicious flavor and easy preparation, as the dish only requires a few ingredients and can be cooked in one pot. You'll need rice, tomatoes, vegetables (like eggplant and squash) and all your favorite seasonings. It's a perfect dish for pot-luck holiday parties, especially if you prepare it with your Crock-Pot® Programmable Cook & Carry™ Oval Slow Cooker, which can easily move from place to place. 

Seasonal Greek Soup: Avgolemono

You can't go wrong with chicken and vegetable soup.

Avgolemono is another great dish to prepare in your slow cooker. Food Network reported that this Greek dish is comprised of chicken soup, egg and lemon. Similar to ratatouille, avgolemono uses rice and your favorite vegetables to supplement the fresh meat. Serve this soup with freshly baked pita bread and slices of lemon, which will further bring out the best tastes of your meal.



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