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5 Reasons Why Olivia Pope Needs a Slow Cooker

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Between managing a team of highly skilled private investigators, splitting time between her various suitors and maintaining her impressively stylish wardrobe, Olivia Pope has got her hands full. She can always run to Gettysburger whenever she needs a quick meal, but those expenses - and those calories - can add up quickly over time. 

It's time for the "Scandal" star to get a slow cooker - if you identify with Liv, consider the top five reasons she needs to invest in this tool.

1. She Can Make Her Own Wine
When she's not on the clock, Olivia Pope can rarely be seen without a glass of wine in her hand. While she prefers a nice glass of red wine, she can use her slow cooker to prepare a batch of warm mulled wine to keep her warm during the winter. She should try Crock-Pot Girl™ Jenn Bare's recipe, which combines the crisp flavor of Cabernet with the sweet spice of cinnamon.

2. She Can Serve Dinner for Her Gladiators
Whether she's looking to treat her team to a warm dinner after a long night of work or she's throwing a holiday party for her best friends, her slow cooker can help her prepare large batches of some of the tastiest dishes imaginable. 

3. She Doesn't Have Time to Stay in the Kitchen
With a career like Liv's, you don't have time to spend waiting for food to finish cooking in the kitchen. Her volatile schedule may prevent her from dedicating a few hours to prepping a meal, but a slow cooker can take away the need for hands-on prep. Added bonus? Clean up will be a breeze compared to those large meals she would be otherwise cooking.

4. She's All About Adopting New Tech
Olivia Pope is never far from her phone. She needs high-tech gadgets to stay ahead of the latest gossip train, not to mention these devices allow her to remain in constant communication with her teammates. Lucky for Liv, WeMo® enabled slow cookers allow people to control their appliances from their smartphones, meaning Olivia would be able to remotely monitor her slow cooker meal while fielding calls from the president.

5. She Needs a Little Simplicity in Her Life
Sure, she got to spend the summer on the beach with her steamy boyfriend, but her time in the sun has come to an end. Olivia Pope is back to putting out fires on a daily basis, but that doesn't mean she should be adopting similarly complex projects in the kitchen. Her new slow cooker can provide a much easier way to prepare delicious meals, giving her a taste of the simple life she so greatly deserves.

Please drink responsibly. Obey legal drinking age laws.



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