When comfort food is what you want, dip your fork into this dish of tender, juicy all-white meat chicken pieces and plumply-pleasing herb-studded dumplings in a rich, creamy sauce, along with a colorful blend of fresh peas, carrots and onions. This heart-warming dish is sure to please. Each 50-ounce meal kit feeds 4 adults.

Crock-Pot® Cuisine Meal Kits are handcrafted from our kitchens to yours, preparing meals just as you would. Our chefs scrupulously select ingredients, hand chop meats and vegetables to exactness for the recipes they’re preparing, and then meticulously pack each kit with care. Crock-Pot® Cuisine Meal Kits truly bring homemade taste and style to your table, so you can savor every bite as if it were made by you.